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The Good Intentions

Americana Act Of The Year at the

British Country Music Awards 2011

Sadly, In January we had to announce the passing away of Frank Roskell, not just a member of Good Intentions, but a really nice bloke and well respected in the music world. A big miss x

However, Peter and Gabi have been in the studio and a new album will be released in September 2016

The Good Intentions keeping Liverpool's musical heritage alive

The Good Intentions are husband and wife duo R Peter Davies and Gabrielle Monk. Based in Liverpool, they have emerged over the last few years as part of the new wave of UK alt-country acts. Fusing old-time country with a traditional British sensitivity, they have developed their own singular voice and sound. In 2011, they were voted Best Americana Band at the British Country Music Awards.Their songs are rooted in the timeless music carried to America by the emigrants from the British Isles, most of whom departed from the very port where Peter and Gabrielle live. The Good Intentions are bringing that music home. Playing mostly original compositions with mainly acoustic instruments, and singing close harmonies, they are often complemented on record and on stage by additional occasional band members.They have so far released three albums, with a fourth due in September 2016, have toured the UK, the US, and on the Continent, and have guested on the legendary Bob Harris Country show on BBC Radio. 
Peter had served his time in punk and rock bands before discovering the works of Gram Parsons. The Good Intentions is the outcome of that discovery

These songs are not just timeless, they are true classics, right up there with the best of the Louvins, the Delmores, the Blue Sky Boys, and early Everlys."   Maverick                                                                                 

(If Peter looks familiar, you may have seen him over the years on the ...Up TV series that strated following seven year olds in the early sixties. After being vilified in the tabloids for his quite reasonable anti-Thatcher statements in 28Up, Peter left the series but returned in 2012 on 56Up talking about his band The Good Intentions). The clip is here

What they say

"The goddamn Brits did it again, took our music and sold it back to us taking it up a notch along the way.” Midwest Record 

" The vocal harmonies are stunning and will tug at your heartstrings with the emotive lyrics, sometimes seemingly from tortured souls, and at other times hopeful and uplifting storytelling.”  Music Morsels Reviews (US)

Beautiful, haunting harmonies of voice and a mix of instruments (rhythm and lead guitar, mandolin, autoharp, accordion…), the carefully crafted original songs that sound traditional, the between-song banter that shows they all get on well and genuinely love what they’re doing”  Manchester Americana Festival 

"In this world of bang-crash pop records masquerading as country it is refreshing to hear an act like this – they are the real deal." Stuart Cameron CMR Nashville Radio


“If you can have such a thing as the perfect British Americana sound, they’ve got it”. Alan Cackett  Maverick Magazine

 “Simply beautiful throughout, this is the gorgeous kind of album any folkie ears long for. The crew has it down so right and tight they better stick around for more. A winner.” Midwestrecords (USA)

 “A welcome addition to the UK Americana ranks, their star is on the rise and quite right, too.” R2 Magazine (UK) 

 “Lovely sweet harmonies, enhanced by some tasty steel guitar and fiddles.”  Country Music People (UK)  

"What is particularly striking about the Intentions is their harmony singing, which reaches back to the classic Country music harmony groups such as the Louvin Brothers, the Delmore Brothers and the Stanley Brothers through to the Everly Brothers and beyond.”  Live Review Fatea Magazine

"Traditional country, Americana, call it what you will... it's nigh on musical perfection.” Maverick Magazine (UK) 

"If these guys came from Nashville, instead of Liverpool ... surely they’d be international Country superstars by now” Liverpool Acoustic, Liverpool (UK) 

"In this world of bang-crash pop records masquerading as country it is refreshing to hear an act like this – they are the real deal." CMR Nashville Radio 

"Everyone associates Liverpool with the Beatles; however, not many people are aware that the city on the Mersey is also home to one of the best old time americana bands in Europe – The Good Intentions.” www.folkworld.eu

"Liverpool, England is known worldwide for its musical heritage, and the folk country band The Good Intentions are near-perfect musical ambassadors” Country Chart.com

The Good Intentions - available for gigs and festivals

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