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Fusion - world music

Let the aptly named Fusion take you on a musical journey through the flamenco bars of Spain, the deserts of North Africa, over the mountains of Greece, to experience the sunsets in the Punjab and dance among the Pyramids.

Armed with an astonishing array of instruments, this remarkable five-member crew is inspired by music and stories from around the world.  They blend sounds and songs from a wide range of cultures, combined with their own highly original material. 

Starting as a forging of jazz sax and flamenco guitar, the line-up has evolved to include John’s fine touch on the drum kit, Maggie’s classical violin and Ruth’s sonorous double bass playing, creating a bigger, richer sound and acting as a springboard for vibrant, new, high-energy compositions. 

Every performance is unique, with elements of improvisation and on the spot blending of different styles - all keeping the band on their toes and the music magically alive. 

Fusion have been performing at Art Centres, benefit gigs and private functions for over the last ten years.  Their track record includes Seven Arts Centre (Leeds), Square Chapel (Halifax), the Civic in Barnsley, York Chapel Arts Centre and Otley Courthouse. 

Fusion are:

Steve Skinner – vocals, guitar, keyboards, oud and darbaka. Steve collects songs from bars and cafes around the Mediterranean. With a background in theatre and musicals, he brings his own songwriting and is also in a folk duo called Skinner and T'witch. 

Maggie  Allred – vocals, violin, mandolin, percussion.  Maggie cannot remember a time she wasn't involved in music and has played with several acoustic bands over the years.  She sings world music in a variety of styles with the a cappella voice duo Purple Delta.  Her latest venture in Fusion brings together her talents beautifully as she performs on a variety of instruments and uses her distinctive voice to capture a flavourof songs from around the world. 

Ruth Ker – double bass, clarinet.  Dragged out of a classical music career, Ruth has fearlessly embraced playing without notes or a bow.  She is also currently performing with Leeds Jazz Orchestra and Sharp Intake.

Seamus Corr – saxophone, flute and pipes.  Currently challenging the band with various Celtic influences, Seamus has played with local big band Bassa Bassa, enjoying appearing with them at Glastonbury and Womad.

John Bradford – drum kit, percussion.  A recent Leeds College of Music jazz graduate, John is freelancing in the North East and Yorkshire.  Influences range widely, from Mozart to Megadeath.  John plays with various other projects including rock trio Monster Jaw and Leeds Jazz Orchestra.

 What promoters have said: 

“Fusion are a fantastic night out……  They are a talented bunch of musicians and Maggie has the voice of an angel!  I really enjoyed myself and will definitely see them again.  A must-see!”                       

Suzi Taylor, Square Chapel, Halifax 

“Had the most amazing time”

Karen Clavane, Seven Arts Centre, Leeds

Bookings: dave@doddnaze.co.uk  01422 844091 / 07846 653843

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