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Ken Nicol: steamroller blues

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Burgess Nicol Kemp

Coming soon:

Available for gigs in 2017, performing, a pretty eclectic mix of folk, blues, ballads - both electric and acoustic will be our new 'supergroup'. Plans for the stage show are developing, including the use of three video screens, with the intention of turning the shows very much into visual events as well as music.

Paul Burgess has played drums with many household names: In addition to extensive session work, he has been an official member of 10cc, Jethro Tull, Camel, Magna Carta and The Icicle Works

Ken Nicol plays acoustic and electric guitar, resonator guitar, 5-string banjo, mandolin and ukulele and has been a member of Steeleye Span and The Albion Band and worked with artists ranging from Al Stewart to Phil Cool. He has recording credits on more than 50 albums

Rick Kemp is another Steeleye Span core member, Rick joined in 1972, heralding the band’s commercial heyday. Already acclaimed for his work with singer songwriter Michael Chapman, he had turned down the opportunity to become a member of King Crimson shortly before. A bass player with a uniquely melodic style, Rick quickly became integral to Steeleye’s classic folk rock style and his playing came to define the series of albums that established them around the world. Folk Roots magazine favorably compared Rick to Paul McCartney for both songwriting and bass playing

                     Rick Kemp                       Paul Burgess                      Ken Nicol

Ken says: "The material we’re working on so far is a mixture of Rick’s and my own, a pretty eclectic mix of folk, blues, ballads, etc. - both electric and acoustic. We’re busy towards the end of the year with other projects, so we'll be ready for gigs in early 2017"

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