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Doddnaze Event Management

Dave Boardman and Daisy Lee are the Doddnaze event managers. Dave is course leader in BA Event Management at BIMM, Manchester, and Daisy runs Leeway events

Dave is the author of Safe Music - a guide to cutting down on sexual assaults at festivals and a way the music industry can repsond to a rise in such issues. It can be downloaded here

From the beginning of 2016 we can organise larger events through our partnership with Leeway an exciting new venture that moves us into larger festivals and events. After the successes of Preston Caribbean Carnival and Glasgow's Mugstock is became evident that we had a larger pool of skils to call on, so Daisy set up Leeway to specialise in the large events ...

Their most recent big event was as production managers at Mugstock, Glasgow's new boutique festival, at which Daisy took charge and managed a full site team, leaving Dave free to manage the main stage.

Dave Boardman is an experienced event manager, stage manager, compere and radio presenter. He was in-house promoter at The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, for many years. He has organised many festivals, conferences and other community events. He has been stage manager, compere and m/c (and facilitator) at many events ranging from major festivals to public meetings, community events and on one occasion and baby naming ceremony.  Annually he stage manages/comperes at Beverley Folk Festival, Musicport, Ramsbottom, Galtres and Hebden Bridge Folk Roots (where he is artistic director). He has also worked at Beatherder, Holmfirth Festival of Folk and this year added the main stage at Knockengorroch, Cloudspotting and the new Inn-ovation festival to the list. 

Daisy Lee has organised many pyrotechnic events (with all the appropriate licences), is experienced in traffic management issues and has acted as environmental policy adviser to various festivals and events. She has also been a stage manager at the City of Stars Festival in Malawi. Dave and Daisy also worked together on projects such as managing stewards at Musicport Festival, general logistics at World on Your Doorstep, sustainability issues and environmental training for Beverley Folk Festival.

In 2014 Doddnaze organised the Preston Caribbean Carnival, the Turkey Lodge Tour de France event at Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire and Wadsworth Festival among others. This year started on 10 January with a White Ribbon Campaign songwriting event at which 30 musicians were led through the songwriting process culminating in recordings and live performances of brand new songs at a Plumhall gig (songwriting workshop leaders). This  should lead to a CD of brand new songs to support the White Ribbon Campaign  (against violence to women).

Dave is also a consultant with the United Nations' White Ribbon Campaign encouraging venues, festivals and performers to sign up to the campaign's pledge to end violence to women.

Training and Community Development

Dave Boardman has experience of:

  • Planning for Real and other community visioning projects

  • Action planning for communities

  • Training in community development, project management

 Festival organisation/Compere/stage manager

Dave was main organiser for The World on Your Doorstep and currently is artistic director for the Hebden Bridge Folk Roots festival. In partnership with Viv Boardman he manages artist liaison at Beverley Folk Festival.

Having also organised many events Dave brings a level of understanding of the music scene and music audiences. He is also aware that the role of m/c is to work with engineers and stage managers to make the event flow smoothly – and that people have paid to see acts, not the genial Scouser who introduces them!


For the last eight years Dave has presented his own radio show on Phoenix fm 96.7 in Halifax and with Viv presented a Doddnaze Presents show at Recycle Radio as part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

So if you want someone to organise and/or present your event live or on radio – or if you are a radio station that needs someone to fill in, Dave’s your man


Dave also sets and presents a great pub quiz – he runs a monthly quiz at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge with an excellent music round as well as all the general knowledge you are likely to need. It is a fun quiz which seriously tests your knowledge

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07846 653843



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